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  1. Organic India, Turmeric Formula, Healthy Inflammation Response, 90 Veggie Caps

    Turmeric is gaining the reputation to be the single most important herb for many health and dietary needs. Our Turmeric Formula nourishes & cleanses the blood and lymph system, and promotes a healthy inflammation and immune response. Turmeric Formula also supports cellular health in the liver, skin, lungs, sinuses, joints, and digestive system. Learn More

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    Special Price: €20.99

  2. Turmeric (60 Veggie Caps) - Paradise Herbs

    Paradise Herbs, Turmeric, 90 Veggie Caps

    Paradise Turmeric root is a potent 4:1 concentrated true full spectrum extract that ensures all active and synergistic constituents are retained in the balanced ratio nature intended. According to Ayruveda, Turmeric is used to help strengthen digestion, improved intestinal flora, cleanse and purify the body, increase flexibility, aid cholesterol already within normal range and support ligaments, tendons and joints. Learn More

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  3. Ayur-Curcumin Cap Turmuric (90 capsules)- Douglas Laboratories

    Ayurvedische Curcumine van Douglas Laboratories levert 300 mg van kurkuma in elke capsule. Learn More

  4. Turmeric Complex Organic – 60 vcaps – Royal Green

    Turmeric Complex Organic (60 vcaps) – Royal Green

    Royal Green Kurkuma complex bevat een krachtige combinatie van kurkuma, gember en zwarte peper. Learn More

  5. Organic SuperPure Turmeric Extract (60 Organic Veggie Caps) - The Synergy Company

    Organic SuperPure Turmeric Extract (60 Organic Veggie Caps) - The Synergy Company

    SuperPure Kurkuma is voorzien van de gepatenteerde, gecertificeerde biologische Kurkuma Triple Extract exclusief ontwikkeld door De The Synergy. Learn More

  6. Turmeric & Bioperine (60 Tablets) - Myvitamins

    Turmeric & Bioperine (60 Tablets) - Myvitamins

    Kurkuma is een kruid dat afkomstig is van de kurkuma plant. Je kent kurkuma waarschijnlijk als de belangrijkste specerij in curry, maar wordt nu in de westerse wereld erkend om zijn gezondheidseigenschappen. Learn More

  7. Fermented Turmeric 60 Capsules - Dr. Mercola

    Fermented Turmeric 60 Capsules - Dr. Mercola

    • Voedingssupplement

    Dr. Mercola levert sinds 2001 kwaliteitsproducten

    Learn More

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