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Vitamin A

Vitamin A

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Vitamin A - Retinol - Beta-carotene

In this page you will find all the vitamins and supplements that focus on vitamin A , both beta carotene and retinol.


What Vitamin A is?

Vitamin A ( retinol ) is a fat-soluble vitamin. Important food sources for vitamin A are liver, fish and butter. Fruits and vegetables contain b & egrave, beta carotene , a precursor of vitamin A . In addition, vitamin A in the Netherlands added to margarine, spreads and cooking products. For pregnant women, vitamin Aa concern.

What are the best vitamin A supplements?

American Carlson Laboratories is known as the best supplier of vitamin A supplements worldwide. All of their supplements are natural. You can use the Carlson Laboratories found on our website vitamin A supplements.


Permitted health claims surrounding vitamin A

The European Food Safety Agency (ESA) operates in Europe, the permitted health claims surrounding supplements. Suppliers can their health claims there posit ESA and checks whether there is sufficient scientific evidence that health claims be allowed to perform in Europe. Below are the health claims officially approved by ESA around vitamin A:

  • Vitamin A contributes to normal metabolism iron
  • Vitamin A contributes to the preservation normal mucous
  • Vitamin A contributes to the preservation a normal Skin
  • Vitamin A contributes to the preservation a normal vision
  • Vitamin A contributes to the normal effect of the immune system
  • Vitamin A plays a role in the celspecialisatieproces


Vitamin A dosage

Vitamin A exists in two forms, Retinol and Beta-carotene . Retinol is the bioactive form of vitamin A . The body converts itself Beta-carotene Retinol . The recommended daily allowance (in the Netherlands) for Retinol is 800 mcg, while the maximum dose Retinol 3000 mcg. In short, the maximum dose is relatively close (about a factor of 4) the recommended daily dosage. If you want a higher dosage vitamin A supplementation, it is often wiser to Beta-carotene to use. Namely the body itself regulates the conversion of beta carotene Retinol , and itself will ensure that there is no overdose of Retinol is created. The possibly remaining beta carotene in your body is just afgevoerd.Tenzij your body for some reason has problems beta carotene retinol to place, in that case are Retinolsupplements more obvious.


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